Use the best quality tonic you can. We use Barker and Quin Premium tonics as that will impact the end result.

Place a spoon carefully in the glass, and twist upwards as you remove it. Do not stir your G&T vigorously as that will quickly destroy the effervescence of your tonic, leaving you with a flat drink.

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  • Dirty Resurrection

    A seriously sexy drink, for the more sophisticated gin drinker who prefers a drier more savoury drink. ( A G&T p...
  • Naartjie Narcosis

    The all-afternoon, round the pool or lawn party G&T. Double tot of Hibiscus and Naartjie (Mandarin) gin. Plenty ...
  • Nothing but Thyme

    Double tot of Resurrection gin poured over plenty of ice. Add several blueberries, slightly squashed, and a sprig of...
  • Watermelon Margarita

    ½ cup sugar ½ cup water 3 wide strips orange zest 2 cups watermelon cubes frozen ¼ cup fresh lime juice ½ cup white ...
  • Clean Resurrection

    A refreshing drink which caters for the slightly sweeter palate. Double tot of Resurrection gin poured over plenty o...
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