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The story so far…

Ginny Fowl the name, came from a play on words and is a punny homage to Cape Town’s regular garden guest – the Guinea Fowl - the name Ginny originating from a lovely story around predictive text and reference to ‘gin’. The search was over and our name was born!

... GINNY FOWL - International Craft Spirit Innovative Trophy + Double Gold + Gold winner in 2018

We have tried to be selective in our partnerships – be it sourcing or by invitation - retailers, hotels, lodges and restaurants; bars gin trolleys, as we grow across country and into the overseas market. The very nature of how we make our gins and the artisanal quality, keeps us away from mass production.

Our Gin Maker

Shane Douglas-Evans is our Founder and gin maker. She started cooking at a very young age and spent many school holidays visiting family friends’ camps in the Okavango Swamps, where she learnt to bake bread in a hole in the ground amongst other things. She spent a few more years later on cooking on safaris in Botswana and then moved into restaurants. So, after a lifetime in the food and beverage industry, she decided to use her palate to create gin flavours that no-one else had.

She was excited about the gin ’revolution’, but felt it was important to explore the flavour boundaries, while still maintaining the integrity of gin. ‘Gin is here to stay and whether we like it or not…it must evolve’. And so the fun began! Marrying food driven flavours with the dominant juniper smell and taste, to make them harmonious and seemingly effortless in their cohesion became the purview. The end game was always to pair them with food. To give gin drinkers the choice of not having to switch to wine, but rather enjoy their gin with complimentary food flavours.

Our artisanal flavoured gins:

Shane elected to use the cold infusion ‘Bathtub’ method because it makes sense to the cook in her, to preserve the freshness and subtlety of the botanicals, which heat doesn’t do.

Being mentioned as a vanguard using this method is only surpassed by the gratification that there are now other gin makers in South Africa beginning to use the same method.

The result, glorious, natural and glowing colours. And flavours that are fresh and delicious as modern gins. Equally at home as chosen drinks or as food pairings. For the restaurants and eateries, It is in this arena that so much interest has been shown due to their food driven profiles

Our Classic Distilled London Dry Gin:

Complimented by the remarkable resurrection herb from the desert region of the Kalahari Botswana. Extraordinarily high in antioxidants, it imbues a piney flavour to the gentle flavours of the other seven botanicals. A perfect everyday drinking gin created for the purist.

A recent winner of the Michelangelo Double Gold Medal 2018, the smooth notes of orange, cardamom, rosemary and fennel are amongst the carefully chosen botanicals in this fabulously versatile gin. This is the perfect gin for the myriad cocktails that use gin as the base spirit…not to mention, for that perfect G&T!


Recent Michelangelo Trophy Winner for ‘The Most Innovative Craft Spirit’ 2018

I wanted to create a ‘gin’ for gin lovers who could continue to enjoy a gin as a smooth and rich digestif style drink as an after dinner, or a sip after hours, a shot or two, and even in an Irish Coffee or Dom Pedro

This we believe we have achieved.

This gin was created to stretch the boundaries. To encourage the gin drinker to think of gin in an entirely different way. Created NOT to be drunk with tonic, but with ice. A rather special drink created by Shane (a whiskey drinker), again, so that gin drinkers wouldn’t have to change spirits after a meal, but could rather sip a warming, incredibly smooth, amber gin with notes of nuttiness from toasted black sesame, chocolate from the cacao and a hint of orange. A splash of soda or ginger ale for those who don’t like neat spirits, works very well.